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About Nude Photography

Some friends asked why we have nude pictures in our letters and website, Willi wondered whether we get dressed when going ashore. Here is our answer:

Dear Willi,

No need wondering whether we get dressed when going ashore, yes we do!  Although it is far from reasonable to get dressed just for the sake of sweating, then itching, later washing what you   had on just for the sake of a convention once imposed onto the people of Brazil by the Franciscan monks.

Our letters and reports which deal with our travelling and sailing life reflect what we do what we feel and enjoy. Writing down and illustrating what happened is enjoyable as long as we don`t cut out parts of it just for the sake of conventions which we do not share.

Aboard of seagoing ships a lot of folks just dress as much as the climate demands, and we can promise you, that it is a better and more sensual feeling to let the textiles away.

The connection to sexuality which some people seem to be afraid of, is just as much given or absent as if you are dressed in a Bikini  or  else.

And swimming dressed in the ocean where you and your textiles get wet, is an absurdity so far.

The fear of some men, to be embarrassed by an erection is ridiculous, every man has them-or should at least sometimes- and there is nothing aggressive connected with this save of the phantasy of some people…

In the public  here in Brazil clothing seems to be mandatory, although some people have tangas so small, that it takes a third close look to  make sure they are dressed, but may be this repeated looks are exactly what this is about.

So we stay nude whenever it is more comfortable than getting dressed, as long as we are in our home or in a surrounding where nobody gets offended. And as we take pictures of our lives and cruises, they evidently are just as dressed or undressed as we are.

When Helga and I discussed “nude photography” three years ago, we were quite annoyed, that all the publications show young people, implying that the older people are of no aesthetic value.

For this reason we started to make an album of nude photography, mostly in natural locations, oceans, deserts, rocks, beaches, ancient ruins. By now it is up to 180 pages, still compiling, may be we`ll publish  it someday, but publishing is a lot of work, and we are lazy.

Taking those pictures is not only fun, it enriches you by sharpening your mind to the beauty of your partner, the surrounding and the sensual connection in between, composed in a picture.

Don’t hesitate to get infected   doing something similar!!!

Here are some examples.

Look at them and then try to imagine how they would look like with the usual outfit:



Bekleide die Menschen der folgenden Bilder mit dem situationsüblichem Outfit ...

der sinnliche Dialog zwischen Mensch, Situation und Umgebung wird beschädigt,

Du wirst spüren, dass sich die Phantasie sträubt die Menschen zu bekleiden.

tl_files/twiga_inhalt/Aktphotographie/ap (79).JPG

ann felsiger Küste, Südafrika


tl_files/twiga_inhalt/Aktphotographie/ap (78).JPG


eingetrockneter Salzsee in der Namibwüste


tl_files/twiga_inhalt/Aktphotographie/ap (63).JPG

Vor der Hagia Sophia Manemvasia, Pelepones


tl_files/twiga_inhalt/Aktphotographie/ap (37).jpg

 Im Gleichgewicht.


Ein Bildband ist in Vorbereitung, mal sehen ob wir  ihn auf die Reise in die Öffentlichkeit schicken werden.