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 Reports on sailing the Dean 365 by Owners


1.Lady Boss from Port Owen to Walvisbay in Namibia :817 n  miles


Skipper Winston Wiggins. The Dean did very well. It has an uncomfortable jerk-movement. There is no doubt about its seaworthiness or safety!!

At departure wind was 35 kts SW. Sailed on reach with full  main and 2/3 genua. Did average of 10 kts over first 24 hour period. Did 240 miles per 24 hours.

We had a big sea from behind but it did not throw the boat around or let water come in at rear!.Autopilot Autohelm 3000 steered from jetty at Port Owen to 50 meters from mooring at Walvisbay.

The Furono-gps is interfaced with pilot and steered route all the way.

Sometimes we had no wind and had to go on motor.

At times we surfed at 15 to 16 knots., but the boat is too heavy to surf faster. If press boat with more sails up, it will surf more often.

I was at first very skeptic about the voyage in my first cat, and this cat has been sunk because of running at speed of 8 knots onto a reef!, but I can only talk with acclimation about the behavior of the Dean 365.



2.Report by Jeff Deyer Dean 365 Leslie D :


Sailed Dean 365 for 4 years from Saldanha to St Helena ,Ascension, Venezuela, Caribbean, Azores, Northern Europe and Southern Spain. Sold the boat for R450000.

Good sea boat!!Had big following seas in 65 kts wind. Started our engine and let it run in forward gear at 1800 revs to give boat steerage way in deep troughs where there is no wind.

I had one reef put in staysail and could use it at 2/3 size as storm jib. (Not good W du P.) We catch seas one quarter of cat and then she crabs sideways as the rollers hit her.

If surf from breaking waves hit her on leeward bow ( I think it should read  windward stern??? W du P.) Then she skates in a twisting motion.

The old st 3000 autopilot broke 8 belts! The new Autohelm st 4000 did not brake one.

I might consider an Autohelm st 6000 linear drive connected to the cross bar.

I never tried sea anchors etc. ( should have used drogues over stern W du P.)

Changes:  Put a second forestay forward of existing one to put up a spitfire jib.—stay it on a J-hook. I would put two stainless steel corners on the aft coach roof in order to spare the coach roof corners from shafing by the aft anchor bridle lines.



3.Report Roy McGregor.:    Sunlady  :


 Can use full main and full genua in 30 knots on reach. ( Yes true but bad for loosing shape of a good genua WdP)

Can do 16 kts with Gennaker downwind.

The cat is sluggish at wind speeds below 10 kts. . In 10 kts wind you can sail 37 degree. Off wind from ahead.


4. Report from Harry Gripper :


Sailed an old Dean 33ft to East London.

Inferior fittings those days (1988)  Yacht had an outboard engine.  I was impressed! It didn’t roll. Different motion to monohull. Jerky. Directional ability very good. Got up to 17 kts. No tendency to broach. Another chap told me he got up to 17 kts in his 33 Dean.

On reach sail well. Do not lift a hull—very impressed!! It won’t beat. Best angle 50 to 55 degree. Pounding as water hits hull. This one I ferried was just a hull with a mattress and a radio. The steering system is effective but badly secured by bolts.

No tendency to overturn—very impressed.  Off Port St John’s I had a severe gale of 55 kts wind with an awful sea running. I furled the main and used only a little piece of the furling genua.

Never gave the impression of being in trouble. A monohull would also have slammed and pound severely. This thing rode like a duck.

I  tacked  between 2 and 6 miles off the east Coast.

The real owner took off for the Caribbean.



5. Report by Vitali, owner of Dean 33 “Samron” :


( He wanted R 260000 in 1993)

Could sail into RCY-club marina singlehanded in 50 kts and tie up!! Two 9 hp Yanmar engines.

In 47 kts from the front she will do 2 kts on the engines.

I sail usually 45 degree. To apparent wind in a beat. In 30 kts you can use all sails up. Downwind use  Gennaker. Top speed in South Easter was 9 to 10 kts. Waves do slam from below when beating. Slam is bad in a small chop. It is better on open sea. ( Lourens Bester said the best angle to beat in the Dean is 60 degree to the app. Wind.



6. Report by Johan Saunders  Dean 365 “Leviathan” March 1966.


 I have got no fear for this boat!! We departed from East London on 15 December in 45 kts South  One and half day later we had65 kts of wind and waves of 30 to 40 feet high. We surfed at 27 kts. The yacht is as stable as can be. I first owned a monohull. In 65 kts I take down the main and use 20% on roller furling or even less..

From Durban to East London we did the 250 miles in 25 hours! From East London to Hermanus we took one and ¾ day!!! I had 8 people with food and luggage on board.

Cape Town to Rio  28 days. Wind on ocean is very light. Highest was 23 kts. Only 28 kts round Isle Trinidade. We used the Gennaker for 90% of the time. We got squalls of 50 kts. We went with the squalls even in wrong direction. I never used the spinnaker pole (what a pity W dP.) and never used staysail. Dean can point 34 degree and then do 6.5 kts.

Had 8 people on board to Rio.

I put 220 liter of diesel in tank. We did 1150 miles in 6 days. Had runs from 190 nm. In 24 hours.

( Leviathan came back from Rio to Cape Town in 28 days!! WdP)



7. Report of British couple Joan and David on “ DoJo”


(This one is the best and most expensive and most luxurious Dean 365 built for the British oil magnate W d P)

9th day out of Mykonos: “I am over the moon with it Willem”. Boisterous conditions and strong wind.

10th day out:” Behaving so well this Catamaran”

11th day out: Had to replace Autopilot belt. We hove too with the genua into the trades, tighten nut on steering wheel and replace the unit. Got soaked to get the Gennaker down. 35 to 40 kts at night.

Did more than 10 kts in 30kts wind with Gennaker up. (Not recommended WdP, take down in 22kts relative wind over deck)



8.Report of Alan on Dean 365 “Serendipity”


Left Mykonos 28 March 1996. SE 25 to 35 kts. I just kept the mainsail up and we went along quite nicely at about 7 kts.   (Bad practice!! WdP).

Sea was large (about 10 meters) the boat handled it well and I am very pleased with her. After few days of light wind the wind picked up to 40kts at times and we would end up surfing down the swells...At times the boat would reach 11.5 kts and that with the main only. (!!!!)     Boat had 2x    15 hp outboard engines.  And 4 people on board.

Between St Helena Isle andFortaliza we collided with a whale! One hell of a blow followed by another one thought we hit a container and end of our boat! We looked over transom, see plenty of blood streaming all over the place and saw the whale that was hit by the yacht. On inspection we could find no damage to our Dean 365.



9. Report by Luiz Basto: Dean 33 “BUBESI”   from Durban to Cape Town:


We left Port Elizabeth 1 0 clock on Monday and arrive at Royal Cape YC

In Cape Town on Wednesday morning at 0800.—that is 2 days and 19 hours... This yacht is extended aft for about 2 feet. She has a single 40 hp Volkswagen engine in the nacelle with a Volvo leg drive like the Prout cats. The leg can be lifted yup, out of the water when not in use thus giving a clean hull. Our max speed was 15.6 kts. The yacht is fast and stable—we are really impressed!

She is the smallest boat that I have ever delivered but I am really impressed. She pounded less at sea than the 60 feet Cat “ Celecanth”  that I have delivered from Ri0o to Cape Town.

On a big wave –just let her go!! Keep the rudder centralized and don’t try to fight her with the wheel! ( I totally agree!! WdP.)

She’s got a longer mast with narrower spreaders than the standard Dean.

\She had an Autohelm St 3000 Autopilot.

The st 7000 on Celecanth could not steer the yacht in bad weather.


10. Report by Ray Martin Dean 365 “ Orcinus” Cape Town to Brazil December 1996. ( Years later he returned after selling Orcinus and wanted to buy Cape Song)


Sailed from Mykonos on 8 December and arrive St Helena at 0800 on 21 December---13 days and 20.5 hours.

{ The Dean 365 “Con Anne” sailed from Cape Town on 9 Dec.1996 and arrived St Helena on 21 Dec.---12 days and 20 hrs}

Orcinus left Mykonos in 31 kts South East. ( I escorted him out on Cape Song ) He did 8.5 kts with full sails over lagoon and out to sea. 350 liter diesel and 450 liter water and 4 people on board.

Did 10.4 kts on Gennaker for very long. Fantastic!!

With wind South 10 kts we do 6.5 kts under Gennaker Last 3 days no wind. The boat does exceptionally well—I am very pleased with it.

On 8th day out they did 135 nm for 24 hrs run.. On 9th day becalmed for 12 hrs. On 10th day did 138 nm in 24 hrs with Gennaker.

On 11th day they blew the genakar!!

On 13th day had to keep speed down in order to arrive at  St Helena in the morning. 0830. Used a st 7000 rotary drive autopilot..




11. Report by Jim Munro: Dean 365 “ Flying Fortress”  Cape Town to Bahamas.


Willem, you will love the trip on a Dean! We love Flying Fortress. He has got my boat in the top line. ( Don’t understand W DP)

The boat was super. Gennaker up for 8 days and nights. Now I have a lot more confidence in the boat. I have a great affection for Flying Fortress.  How does this fabulous boat do 4  to 5 kts in less than 10 kts. Great boat Willem! What a boat Willem. My best boat ever!

Jim and Joyce Munro.


12. Report by Rob Kimble on sailing Dean 365  “Ali –Cat”.


Durban to Mozambique: 25 to 30 kts headwind all the way. Visit places monohulls could not get in.( certain channels only 0.9 M deep. Anchor behind Portuguese Island in 45 kts while monohulls broke anchors outside!!

Did Inhaca to Durban in 40 hours. Dennis Jennings was so impressed –with my Dean  that he decided to buy one! Which he did! He bought “ File” Previously called “ Peaches”. ( File is a Dean 33 and totally too heavily built inside. With heavy solid teak furniture, Huge book shelves, Heavy oversize mirrors etc   not for sailing an ocean W d P )

We sailed File from Mykonos to Durban. Trip was pleasant in a biggish sea. From Port Elizabeth we hit a big sea and 55 kts at night. One again the Dean handled it perfectly. It really is a safe boat. Unlike a monohull.

( I previously owned two monies) When the ( bad word W DP) hits the fan there is no  major healing  or one being thrown around in the cockpit.

Next day 40 to 45 kts NW on the nose! Went well against wind and chop.

( Has just heard Cape Town has had its worst storm in 20 years!.Anyone who has sailed off Durban will know just how uncomfortable a choppy NW sea can be. Peter Dean, once again I would like to stress how happy I am  with my Dean, we have had some super times on her, and I know Dennis Jennings is very pleased with “ File”.



13.Report by Louisa Roux

Cape Town to St Helena ---17 days. St Helena to Fortaleza –16 days.

Fortaleza to Iles de Salute –12 days. Iles da Salute to Trinidade 6days.

Autohelm 4000 autopilot. Water pressure pump broke. Used Gennaker at night with wind on 120 degree. On quarter. Sail zig zag down wind. ( Not nessessary W.dP) Surf at 11,5 kts Windows on sides leaked!--curse Peter Dean!

Used 16nm radar. The Dean is a good cruising boat. I always felt safe. Dingy kept upturned from mast over big hatch. Also compressor on deck. And heavy diving- cylinders in cockpit nacelle. Pulled dingy every  night on deck in harbors for theft. Used mainsail and Gennaker most of times.

In stormy weather sail only with mainsail .(???? WdP) Sail nice with Mainsail only. If wind becomes strong we reef the main.



14.Report by Jorg and Crystal Degenhardt Dean 365:


Cape Town to St Helena, Ascension, Azores. Lisboa, Cyprus. “ Linga Longa”

No previous sailing experience at all ( I thought them in a crash course to sail and navigate by sextant WdP)

(Boat totally over loaded with heavy power tools, generators, etc!! W)

Exhaust outlet almost submerged!!! Left Port Owen 19 April 1994. Gennaker sheet pulled out of pulley and stuck on top of mast. 22 days to St Helena. Do 6 kts in 12 kts of wind. Willem how must we use the spinnaker pole and how must we fly it? ( Had no time to teach before  just thought them enough to get off  W DP)---please send us drawings!!We do not like the banging of water below the bridge—it keeps us from sleeping!! Helmsman’s chair broke.  ( Jork too heavy!) Screw fell out-bad work by Dean. Autopilot broke close to Azores—because steering wheel is not flat in diameter! Hatches leaked. The Autohelm 4000 does not work in heavy swell.

Anchor drag because Dean gave us only a 15.6 kg anchor. In 43 kts we had 10 meter waves but the cat held up very well in all conditions. From Cape Town to St Helena we had almost no SE wind. (Because they left too late in season WdP)

Cape Verde to Azores 60 kts storm. Major engine trouble—got water in oil because water came in exhaust hole. ( Because too heavily loaded and no Vetus gooseneck fitted!!WdP) Before Horta in Faial, the roller reefing broke in 30 kts gust. ( Bad type). Autohelm 4000 fell apart completely. Water drips into forward  st cabin—bad seal. Zink not fitted well water dripped into cupboard.. Weather in Med is terrible!! No wind or wind30 kts from wrong direction. We would not go to Med again! Azores was fantastic!.



15.Report by Marcia and Ted Miller on Dean 365 “ Key Lara”


Five days out of St Helena, one of the control cables between wheel and tiller bar snapped!! It broke just under the back Porch though at a time we did not know it and could not have accessed it even if we did, as the plate that covers the bottom on the back porch seems to have been fitted last when manufactured.. ( Inspection hatches to service steering should have been fitted WdP) We hand steered for two weeks to Brazil. ( Did not want to get the wind vane self steering which I recommended WdP)

We were exhausted when finally in Brazil. We still have not completed our own design wind steering and I don’t want to keep Ted bothering about it. ( I saw the pieces and plan it would in any case not work!! WdP)

-no doubt we should have bought one like yours, but Ted was so eager to design his own and have it made in Knysna that we are now stuck with this unless I can convince him to scrap it and  try to find one like yours. Our Africa to Brazil trip was a classic example of how we would have benefitted greatly if we had one!!

Foot pump in starboard head  broke. Two broke in same place! Ted disconnected the water pressure pump but now had to reconnect it.


( Key Lara sunk in Curacao because they left her unattended. Wind sprung up and dragged the  anchor. Run unto rocks. Hull damaged. When pulled off rocks heaved over to damaged hull and left to sink WdP)



16. Report by “Sunset Sailor” Sean 365  ( on way SA to Australia to immigrate to Aust.) Owner Brian Conradsen)


Spend 3 months in South Atlantic Ocean. Kids are taught by us. (3of them) Smallest one is 4 years old. Fortaleza, Sao Lous, Ilas Diablo, Tobago, Fort de France. Wheel pilot did not work well! So we man the helm round the clock. Masthead leeward spreader came loose at about 0400 on Sunday morning. Trinidad, ABC Islands, Martinique. Our bicycle stolen while we check in at customs. Jamaica, Haiti. Large SE swells. Every hour or so the swells roll atop the crests of the higher seas to thump Sunset and send the autopilot’s compass flux into a tizz         so we man the helm again. Autohelm broke in Sao Luis.

Sunset has performed well, and although she is low in the water and slams, is a great boat!!

 I think this old Dean is totally forgiving for I am a rather inexperienced sailor. I have sailed half round the world to Fiji rather trouble free. I do not like the new Dean cats we need a stern anchor system. And a good self steering system. I have yet to see a good system deployed on a cat. ( Sorry he did not know about the Navstar!! W DP) My boat has a full deck on the transom. I still like the stern drive and would not like engines inside my boat. I would want two forestays too as security and as a further hank on for a second genua. I just could not consider living on a mono!